Vidatum Academic™

What is Vidatum Academic™

Vidatum Academic™ is the leading Research Management System for third level institutions in Ireland. Designed in conjunction with 200 academics, Vidatum has created an online Researcher Profile publishing and collaboration system that is used to showcase academic and research achievements to a global audience and has been instrumental in the measurement and improvement of research output.

Vidatum Academic ™ collates all information on Research Staff within an organisation to produce an online CV including Educational Background, Publications, Conference Contributions and Current Research. Designed in conjunction with 200 academics and currently in use by over 2000 users, Vidatum Academic™ is the leading Research Management System for third level institutions which:

  • Showcases - Showcases the university’s research internationally
  • Measures - Allows the university to measure output
  • Provides Management Information - Provides management information for key institutional reports, such as the annual president’s report and bibliometrics analysis reports.
  • Integrates - Seamlessly integrates with existing web applications and portals
  • User Friendly - User friendly system with simple and highly usable navigation components
  • Automatically updates - Import/export filters to various academic and research services and formats including ISI Web of knowledge, Pub Med, Bibtex File Format and Endnote File Format.
  • Various Formats - Designed to publish content to various formats including HTML, PDF and MS Word/RTF formats.

Vidatum Academic™ - Hosted version

A fully hosted version is also available for smaller institutions and private researchers. It has the same rich feature set of the standalone version and will be available on a subcription basis. For more information on this product, please contact Pavla Smidova

Integration with other systems

Vidatum academic is designed to integrate with a wide variety of back and front-office systems in an educational institution. The diagram shown is an example of how Vidatum Academic integrates with a full set of institutional systems...

Why choose Vidatum Academic?

Benefits for the academic researcher:

  • Provides a “one-stop-shop” service to the researcher wishing to update their list of citations and to archive a full text version of their publications in an Institutional Repository.
  • Provides a framework for meeting the requirements of funding bodies with respect to disseminating research outputs.
  • Profile data is easy to maintain, as the system is pre-populated with the most up-to-date records available from University systems and external citation databases
  • Provides a download of CV data into Word templates for printing or for inclusion into grant applications
  • Gives researchers control of the profile information displayed on the University / departmental website

Benefits for research administrators, research managers, librarians, senior academic staff, and heads of faculty/school:

  • The profile service provides a method of recording research achievements and activities so that they can be shared with a wider community
  • Duplication of effort is reduced as profile data is entered once and is reusable in a variety of formats and reports
  • Allows easier management of academics’ lists of publications.
  • Provides a single location for the archiving and preservation of valuable digital works.

Benefits for the University?

  • Increases the visibility, reputation and prestige of the institution by providing a single platform for organising and showcasing institutional research output, potentially attracting staff, students and funding.
  • Improve the accuracy and completeness of the university's record of scholarly works.
  • Can act as a tool to support externally and internally driven audits of research activity such as annual reviews or Research Assessment Exercises.
  • Reduces total cost and risk of ownership by reducing duplication of effort by schools and institutes.
  • Demonstrates the university's active engagement with the Open Access agenda in the area of scholarly communication.

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